Abington, PA – Ken Krawchuk, three-time Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate, today announced plans for his first statewide tour in support of a possible run for Pennsylvania Governor in 2026.  Krawchuk plans to meet with Libertarians and the public around the state to gauge support levels and recruit volunteers.

“Yep, I’m considering climbing that gubernatorial mountain one more time,” Krawchuk confirmed.  “That’s because Pennsylvania still needs Libertarian solutions to the same problems that existed when I first ran for governor back in 1998, solutions like reducing our tax burden, eliminating pork barrel spending for special interests, ending the insane War on Drugs that jails peaceful people, defusing the divisive abortion debate, ending the state’s monopoly on education that drives up property taxes, and more.  Neither of the two old parties has addressed any of these issues that have plagued Pennsylvanians for over a generation, so it remains incumbent on us in the Libertarian Party to step up once again to fight for Pennsylvania taxpayers.”

Krawchuk is scheduled to visit ten counties over ten days in early June.  The dates and locations include:

All events begin at 7 PM (unless otherwise specified) and are open to the media and the public.  For any last-minute updates, please visit KenK4Pa.com.

“But wait!  There’s more!” Krawchuk asserted.  “This tour isn’t only about politics.  My wife Roberta and I will be tent camping the entire tour in state parks.  Better yet, Pennsylvania has numerous world-class roller coasters and we’ll be visiting some of the best, including Knoebels on June 3 and Kennywood on June 9.”

Ken Krawchuk of Abington is an entrepreneur, a patented inventor, a Philadelphia talk show host, an award-winning Toastmaster, and an author.  He has appeared on the gubernatorial ballot three times, facing Tom Ridge in 1998, Ed Rendell in 2002, and Tom Wolf in 2018, setting Libertarian Party records in each race. 

Founded in 1971, the Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the state and the nation, with over 170 elected and appointed officials currently serving in office in Pennsylvania, and many more nationwide.  Libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially liberal, and like the Founding Fathers, Libertarians believe that you have the inalienable right to conduct your life as you see fit, without interference, so long as you respect the rights and property of others.  It’s the Golden Rule on a political level.

For more information about the Libertarian Party, the public is invited to contact the Krawchuk campaign at KenK4Pa.com, Campaign@KenK4Pa.com, or (224) Krawchuk (224-572-9248), the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania at LpPa.org or (800) R-RIGHTS, or the National Libertarian Party at Lp.org or (202) 333-0008.